Keeping children safe is a number one goal. Remember I shared the experience about the kidnapping scare that I had?

Well, I don’t want to go on and on because I feel blessed and thankful that my son and I are still together.

I’m also realizing more and more that having a child/being a parent is a huge blessing and honor. Children are very amazing positive energy and my son is pretty cool.

We have to protect them from all kinds of weird energy.

We also have to protect ourselves from the world energy of the world.

I think that being politically correct is a tired activity now. Having to deal with something unpleasant I’m favor of being “polite” can be damaging.

The exception is dealing with something unpleasant because of love or other honorable reasons.

But, if you’re not really getting anything out of it then why do it? Why hang around the bad things? If it steals your light then you should stay away from it.

Also and especially, if you feel you’re being manipulated then that’s even more reason to protect your light.

As an adult, I’ve encountered this. Children can be more vulnerable too, because of the “respect your elders” narrative.

Well, keep in mind that some older folks can be haters too. Some older people can be jealous of children or the advantages that a child has in their life.

I think being a Personal H.E.R.O definitely starts with you – looking out for you. Being protective of yourself.

Creeps are every where. Don’t feel bad about avoiding them.

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