First of all, I realized that other people think really doesn’t matter when it comes to every day life things.

But, that’s not what came to mind when I started this.

What sparked this post is the simple fact that I am an easy to talk to person. People tell me all kinds of stuff. Generally speaking, I think it is because I am a trustworthy person. I don’t really tell secrets and I don’t blackmail people with their own.

But, it’s come to my attention that that is not the sole reason why people tell me all their business sometimes.

Especially people who I just met not too long ago, I found it a little odd that sometimes they will disclose personal information about their relationships, finances, or living situation.

And then I had the realization (I’m not sure what sparked it) but I learned that:

People tell me all their business because they want me to tell them my business.

Now, first of all, that is a soft form of manipulation. If you’re in this situation and someone freely tells you their business, you don’t have to tell them yours.

I value my privacy and I don’t just give up my information like that.

What is fair about this “I tell you a secret, you tell me a secret” is this:

If you’re asking questions, you have to be prepared to answer those same questions. It would be unfair to ask questions that you don’t want to answer.

But anyway, I’m sure there are more things that I have learned late but this one is a big one, I think.

There are probably a lot of people who think that I am stingy with information because I didn’t disclose my personal business to them. And you know, that’s okay. We all have a right to privacy.

Become manipulation proof!

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