I tell everyone, one of my favorite things about the beach is the vibe – everyone can be themselves.

Here, in the sand and water, no one is gonna judge you. You can have any body type, you can wear any outfit. As long as YOU are enjoying yourself, hanging out on the coast is going to be a nice time.

You can even get into the water with your jeans on! The water will still feel cool in refreshing.

Most of the time, I have on a bikini. but rarely do I ever wear it as-is. I usually have on a dress that I wear right into the water. Or shorts and a tank top. Today, I have on shorts and a tube top. I’m actually right on the coast as I type this!

Thank you WordPress app 🙂

To conclude, I want everyone to know that there’s nothing that should prevent you from enjoying the beach. Feel comfortable and confident in your skin. Life is too short to feel any differently.

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