Energy drinks are fun.

They have an unhealthy reputation but I try to stick with the healthier ones.

I think Bing drinks are pretty healthy. Why? Because cherries are healthy and these include cherry juice. They also include other fruit juice sometimes and they use ginseng, too.

Before I got 3 on sale, I had only drank one of these previously before. and gave me the jitters.

But lately, I’ve been needing energy and the sale on these was hard to beat. and I’m glad I gave them another try.

The energy in these comes from caffeine and ginseng. Around 100-120 mg each.

My bad for being less than precise about the exacts but the photos are not uploading and it’s 100°F and I’m, ironically, feeling low on energy right now. I could use one of these drinks. but I’m actually cutting back on caffeine.

My favorite Bing Energy drink is the Apple one – it’s tastes so fresh. It really tastes like fresh apple juice is included in this.

They’re all delicious, though. And they’re all recommended. In moderation. 🙂

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