Yesterday someone put me on the spot: I asked how he was doing and he told me to tell him some good news.

It was easy enough to tell him what I was happy about at the moment. It also reminded me about one of the most important parts of being a good communicator / world citizen:

Have something positive to say, always!

Everyone probably has something they can complain about. But, who says that they want to hear your complaints? They don’t!

It makes everyone feel good to talk about, and hear about, what the good news is that day. What’s going on that positive?

What makes this positive effort extra special is that we all know that it is easy to be pessimistic. SO, taking the time and energy to say something nice and uplifting is appreciated.

Personally, I like being a good news messenger. Saying what happening that’s good is a good feeling and it makes you feel like a welcome addition to any room.

Now, of course, I do have to keep it real – all news is not good. We’d be delusional to think that we can only talk about what’s good. Sometimes, things are bad, or undesirable, and, most importantly, people need to know that too. People need to know if something is going on that they should be aware of.

However, just keep in mind that the good news you spill should greatly outweigh the bad news.

And, if you have to say some bad news – stick to the facts. Don’t go on too much about how bad it is, just say “this is what’s going on” and then leave it at that.

Also, venting is also healthy because no one should keep negative energy pent up inside of them. Just, when you vent, always try to find the bright side in it as well. It really helps you and the person that you’re venting too.

But, being a good news messenger is easy: share what makes you feel good. If you heard something cool about an animal or whatnot, tell someone what you learned. Some people may not be into it. But I think most people will be into it. Like the guy from yesterday: sometimes people just want to hear some good news.

Be that good news!

One thought on “Be A Good News Messenger

  1. I totally agree with you! Nobody wants to be surrounded by negative comments, either someone who’s always complaining. Love this post! Keep being spreading that positive mindset you have!


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