If we’re going with a literal definition, following the principles of a triangular shape, then a love triangle would have one person at each point. The energy of the two bottom points would be of equal energy leading up to the apex. The energy between the two bottom points would also be of even energy.

Now, we know this to not be totally accurate because usually in these situations, only the love would be going to the person at the apex. I don’t think there is equal love going on between the other two people.

Okay, now that I got the logical side out of the way…

A Love triangle is generally when two people love the same person (the apex person). In turn, the apex person would love both of the other two people equally.

Whether or not the love is actual equal is anyone’s guess. In reality they probably love both people for different reasons.

Having never been in this type of situation to my knowledge, I can only speculate. But wait, let me address what I just said: “To My Knowledge.”

I think those three words above is also a contributing factor to what makes something an actual love triangle situation versus someone who has two equal relationship options.

So from the outside looking in (and also my years of time spent reading Archie, Betty, and Veronica. The way to my heart is buying me these comics when you randomly see them on sale!!)

Anyway, yeah. The outside looking in.

I can see how overwhelming this type of situation would be. You love someone and they love you too. But oh no, you guys can’t be together because there is also someone else who your apex loves just as much as they love you.

How does this even happen? Assuming no one is a cheater – the apex person is probably a prize catch with a lot of good qualities. Either that, or they are a really attractive player.

Haha, that’s a joke.

Seriously though, it seems like there would be some comparisons also happening. Destructive thoughts along the lines of “What makes them so much better than me?”

That is UNFAIR. And, a waste of thought energy.

But, you love this apex person and there is no one else in the world as amazing as they are.

Is that how it is? No other fish in the sea?

So, how do you win them over? How to get the edge over the other person?

That is the subject of this article so I guess I better give some concrete advice.

Well, first, you have to mentally prepare yourself for the possible reality that you may not have a happily ever after with this lovely person. Deal with the hurt now but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO HURT! Enter the world of the lighthearted and you’ll find yourself infinitely happier. Not just about this situation in particular but damn near every situation in life.

We really do have to stop feeling attached to people who did not meet us at the alter and said “I do.”

So anyway, after your mentally fortified, hopefully you will find yourself okay. Okay enough that you don’t have to approach someone with an ultimatium.

Do you want my honest opinion? Of course you do!

I think that the best way to win a love triangle is to not compete.

You can break it off with that person if you want.

But, if you’re happy with what it’s like when you’re with them, then just cherish the time that you have together. Don’t give them your all, don’t do all their laundry, and certainly don’t have children with them.

But, you know, have fun when you’re around them. Then don’t worry about them when you’re not around them. Focus on something else. There is more than enough things in life that can be focused on.

Now, if you’re at a point in life where you want some sort of serious relationship, I think that this is when you need to have a

“I need to talk to you”

Kind of conversation.

You know, the kind of conversation that no one really wants to have.

This can put you in a stronger or weaker position. You’ll only be strong if you’re prepared to walk away from them.

You’ll be much, much weaker if you tell them you want something more serious and the conversation ends with them saying “no” but still enjoying the benefits of being with you.

Again, I must say, the best way to win a love triangle is to not be in a love triangle. Detach from the other person and find ways to win that have nothing to do with that person.

If you feel like that person is all you have then you have lost more than the love triangle, you’re also losing at life.

I hope this helps someone. Actually, I hope this helps a lot of people. The game of love has more losers than winners.

I really want to win at love and, in turn, I want you guys to win, too.

Edit: June 7, 2020: Getting Closer to #God can also help you to feel more love all around you! Because God is so close, it’s easy to feel the love through simple ways like enjoying healthy foods, appreciating animals, playing around with colors, or this easy method here.

Thanks for reading!

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