I only want to write about things that make me feel GOOD.

Seriously, it’s all about the energy that we live in!

Part of my job is to talk about things that hurt so that people can heal and become LIGHTER. Like this post on Pushing People Away brought me into some empathic energy that I didn’t want to feel.

But, finishing it was a victory! It builds upon my current streak, it helps someone, it reached my personal word count goals, and it helps me realize how high in vibration currently living.

ANYWAY I don’t want to waste time in this post, certainly not by talking about myself.

What I want to say is that the energy that we live in is so important!! I’m thankful to have felt depression and anxiety because I APPRECIATE EVEN MORE THAT I’M NOT THERE ANYMORE.

That’s actually a HUGE victory! So let’s bring it down a notch and get into the EASY LIGHT SOURCES.

Because celebrating small victories ARE EASY LIGHT SOURCES.

Seriously, what could be an easier Light Source than appreciating the daily, almost effortless, ways that we win every day.

That means being happy because your favorite song is on the radio.

Dancing a little bit when you get a glass of lemonade.

Smiling because a friend texted you “how are you?”

Eating your favorite cereal.

Getting a hug from your Dad. Or Son. or Sister.

A cat greeting you when you see it.

Getting access to Tidal through a family member’s account.


An ice cube tray full of fresh ice.

Hot peppers fresh from the garden!

Coupon codes at 7-Eleven!!!

Blueberry flavored almonds.

Your aunt buying healthy snacks because she knows you’re coming over.

Someone asking you to join them somewhere because they like your company.

Appreciating a cool pattern in the grass in the yard.

Sitting under a walnut tree and none of them fall on your head.

A funny social media post by your best friend.

Or talking about animals in the middle of the night with another favorite friend.

Or another friend sharing the exclusive behind the scenes look at their latest artsy project.

A BIG thing is…. A smart friend telling you that they like your writing!


Like having a best friend 5 states away but you can still talk about anything.

Or an older sister that you know loves you even if you don’t talk very much.

Hanging out in ocean water and getting beat up by the waves lol

A vegan meal that is made with good vibes!

A cool breeze in the middle of a heat wave.

Someone letting you use their brand new computer for days on end.

Making pretty things with your hands.

Dragonfly’s landing on your legs when you’re outside.





for all eternity.

Are you getting it?? These are EASY LIGHT SOURCES. EASY. LIGHT. SOURCES.

WOW. I was blessed before but now, I am blessed beyond measure by recognizing my own small victories.

Too many Light Sources than I can count, to be completely honest.

We could probably count the unfortunate things in life, too. But who wants to go there?! Not me. Not you. Not anyone healthy.

So, let’s stay UP!

Leave me a comment below and tell me what small victories you’re celebrating 🙂

I really want to say “I love you” but I don’t want to be insincere so instead I’ll say MUCH LOVE TO YOU READING THIS.

XO, Nadirah Star Khalifah

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