Have you ever burned something and told people to eat it anyway because it “added flavor?”

Or maybe, more realistically, the food is burnt but you didn’t feel like cooking some different. Or maybe you don’t even have enough ingredients for a second dish.

Whatever the case, the burnt food is on the menu tonight! Or today. Or for lunch. You get what I’m saying 🙂

But, should we be eating it? I’ve heard all sorts of theories that burnt food can actually cause cancer. Scary, right?! This was actually geared toward smoked and grilled food. Char-grilled, to be exact. But I do have to say that I really enjoy the taste of food that was cooked over charcoal. It’s just really flavorful to me.

But let’s take it down a notch.

What about burnt soup? Should we eat burnt soup?

What is for certain is that making an entire pot of food would be a lot of waste to go down the proverbial drain. A waste of time and money spent.

Powering through the taste and eating it anyway is the most logical choice honestly. Eat it!

Someone said that adding raw onion to a soup will “absorb” the burnt flavor. But I can’t testify to that. Adding more seasoning is also something that I don’t think makes it better.

Some foods are more forgiving, though.

And also, there are levels to burnt-ness.

Sometimes the food is so burnt that it’s hard and crunchy and will break your teeth. That stuff, not even a pet will eat. So, throw it away.

More crunchy than you’d like it to be also does not mean something is burnt.

True burnt food as a truly burnt flavor. You know what it tastes like!

To answer the title question: Should We Eat Burnt Food? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have enough energy to make something else?
  • Do I have enough ingredients to make something else?
  • Will eating this harm my teeth?
  • Is the flavor overpoweringly burnt?
  • Will this even matter tomorrow?

Sometimes there are bigger things in life than burnt food. Go ahead and eat it and then move on with you life.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Burnt dessert’s dont have the same grace. But, you know, if you have a burnt dinner, something tasty and sweet will make it extra okay 🙂

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