As much as I like cheap food, I won’t just eat anything. Ideally, It would be healthy. If not healthy, at least let there be recognizable ingredients that are not controversial.

These Idaho Spuds definitely fit the description. They were on sale 5 for $5 . (1 dollar each) and I was excited. But honestly, they would be a good deal even at full price ($1.29 each).

But, as far as cheap foods go, one box of these will feed at least 4 people.

You can probably tell that I did like these. There were two flavors and my favorite was the one that had carrots in it.

The instructions are also simple. I think that these would be extra good for people will small counter space who don’t want to do extra dishes.

The only complaint is that they could use more salt. but, again, that’s such a petty complaint because it’s 100% about my personal taste. It’s actually perfectly seasoned because everyone doesn’t like salt like I do 🙂

Unrelated but not really, I had a wonderful day today. I think the potatoes, being the first meal I had today, set the stage of positive energy for me. I did eat other unhealthy things today but thankfully, the potatoes were not a contributing factor.

Would I buy again? Absolutely!

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