The word Endless can sometimes give off thoughts if a daunting task that you actually wish would end.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are some things that would be okay with me if they actually were endless.

For example, lots of fruits… I’d love endless mangos and papaya!

More importantly, perhaps, would be endless and free, fresh, clean water.

Equally as important as water, and maybe more accessible too, is endless positive energy.

A wonderful world to live in would be where we could take good energy for granted: Everywhere we went and everyone we talked to and everything we saw was positive and uplifting.

Some people say that we have to have negative energy because that is what allows us to appreciate the positive energy.

I think that’s ones if those things that people say to make themselves and others feel better about unfortunate situations.

Whatever floats your boat!!

The reality is that positive energy doesn’t just come out of no where. It’s something that we have to choose to lean toward and indulge in.

If positive energy is important to have in your life then the choices made and words said need to reflect that. It’s actually the only way to have true positive energy in your life: create it!

Positive energy is very important. The way that we program something is the fundamental way that it will operate.

So I choose to program my life with positive energy so that positive energy will feel comfortable living here 🙂

This important quest also requires some realness of reality that cannot be substituted or avoided, too.

Negative energy must be addressed.

And if addressing it doesn’t make it transform (and it rarely does) the next step is not acceptance – next should be removing it.

The source of negative energy does have an impact on how it can be removed.

If someone that we love and care for is depressed, we can’t and shouldn’t abandon them. They need love and understanding the most, honestly!

Only a minority of depressed people deserve this type of grace, though.

Depressed people who are also toxic are the ones who need to be eliminated. These people smell bad, say bad things, make you feel yucky.

It’s so unfair to put up with negative energy just because you feel you have to. If you truly value positive energy then don’t feel guilty of getting rid of the negative energy that you can see and recognize.

The Endless Quest of Positive Energy will clearly have some resistance and challenges. What to do is :

  • Don’t dwell on the challenges.
  • Be protective about who you let around you.
  • Burn incense and play your favorite music/drums.
  • Continue to see the bright side.
  • Be active about removing negative influences.

Be like the sun- don’t let anything touch you.

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