How is love like baking a cake? Well for starters- there are several factors involved in each. For a cake, you need multiple ingredients. Most of those ingredients are standard to most cakes but there are still several special ingredients that depend heavily on the type of cake that you’re making.

When it comes to love, there are also multiple ingredients needed. Of course there is the one-ingredient love : SELF-LOVE. To love yourself, you don’t need any other ingredients. Although other ingredients will help to increase the love feelings that you have for yourself.

But today I think we’re talking about the kind of love that other people are involved in.

Love at first sight? That’s when the cake is done and decorated and it looks really beautiful. Your mouth will water just by looking at it. And you’ll really want a piece of it.

Seeing a slice of the cake gives you a peek into how solidly crafted it is inside. Some cakes are too soft and don’t hold their structure. Some have tight crumbs that give you a satisfying feeling when you eat it.

Keep in mind, seeing the inside of the cake is not the same as seeing the ingredients that made it. Instead, you’re just seeing the end result.

That kind of love is not as deep as it would be if you had an appreciation for the ingredients that made it.

Quality ingredients like organic this and naturally-sourced that, they do make a difference.

For example, organic sugar and standard white sugar may taste the same in the end result but one may leave you feeling good. The other may leave you feeling sick.

Someone who is a good person inside will not make you feel bad later on. It is what kind of energy that that person has or current indulges in that determines what kind of end product they represent.

But if you don’t appreciate their quality ingredients… like if you are used to consuming bad ingredients… then you won’t really know that you’re experiencing something quality.

Building love with someone also depends on the kind of love that you value. After all, it’s not all about the sweet side (although a kiss is the healthiest kind of sugar…). For a true cake of love, we need:

  • A healthy dose of experiences to bind everything together (The Flour)
  • Loving moments (Sugar)
  • Nourishment to make each other better (Milk)
  • A good serving of easy compatibility (oil or butter)
  • Quirkiness that makes a person an individual (flavorings like vanilla)

Just how cakes come in endless varieties, so will your cake of love. Customize it to your tastes but always, give it the best that you can. The better that you put into it, the better can be gotten out of it.


Cakes are usually big enough to share. The love cake that you have created has the power to nourish and inspire many people around you as well. You never know who looks at you as a source of strength!

Okay, that’s nearly all. Thank you for reading!

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After they see value in an entity, then they’ll want the cake.

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So, maybe I just don’t have enough eyes looking at what I create.

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