To answer the title question: No, I am not.

LOL of course not! I may be plant based but I’m not a food snob.

Now let’s discuss!

“Above” a Boxed Cake Mix means two things: you’re too good to make them or too good to eat them.

Boxed brownies don’t count in this because they are so yum and perfect.

But I can understand not wanting to make and/or eat a Boxed Cake Mix.

If you wanna talk about the ingredients, that may be the biggest thing that turns me off about a Boxed Mix. More often than not they contain the bad kind of sugar (the white, cheap, bone char kind) and bleached flour and a range of synthetic stuff.

All of that is a huge turn off. Not to mention the fact that chocolate cake mix never, ever, tastes chocolatey enough.

The second biggest turn off about Boxed Cake Mix is the texture. They are just tooooooooooooooo dang on soft. Now, I have found ways to improve this:

  • Over mixing, and
  • Refrigerating as many hours as you can before slicing and eating.
  • Also, add less liquid too.

People say you can substitute apple sauce for the oil they also call for but IMO apple sauce SUCKS for this. It just makes it fall apart even more.

But you know what makes a ultra simple harvest cake? Spice cake mix and 1 can of canned pumpkin. Mixing it is a pain in the ass but it does work and make a tight crumb cake. I made it before and this lady LOVED IT. Like “OMG can I have the recipe?” Type of love…. I think I also added extra cinnamon to it too.

Anyway, Boxed Cake Mix also has a very distinct flavor. It is very easy to tell a Boxed Cake from one made from scratch. No amount of added vanilla will take away that flavor.

It’s not a bad flavor but it’s just easy to tell the cake origins.

So I guess the bottom line is this: while a Boxed Cake Mix isn’t ideal, it certainly has it’s place. Like when you have a surprise birthday to make cupcakes for or some other type of cake emergency.

Because of all those reasons, I like to have a Boxed Cake Mix in reserve at home.

And, I also have a very good reason for keeping something that you “just add milk” to in the house ..

That would be my son! Legendary Khalifah!

He is an emerging baker and he’s enthusiastic about something that he can make on his own.

Without a doubt, these mixes are definitely a GOOD way to start baking adventures. The ease that they can be created is a boost of confidence.

The pre-mixed powder and instructions on the box is as good of a support system as any cook on the food channel.

Sure the ingredients are not top notch but the experiences gained are more important.

Maybe I feel so strongly because I, myself, started my baking journey with a standard yellow cake mix.

Nostalgia doesn’t usually get to me but in this instance, I don’t think I’ll ever get so uppity that I look down on Easy foods.

Now, of course, we must mention the close cousin to Boxed Cake Mix – pre-made frosting.

I’m sorry but already made frosting does NOT get the same grace as the cake mixes do.

Already made frosting, also known as “canned” frosting is like spreadable plastic. The ingredients and synthetic and gross. I’d rather eat cake with no frosting than anything with this flavorless trash on it.

Another thing bad about this is that they say one can of frosting is enough to frost a layered cake but IT IS NOT ENOUGH.

Even when I was making Boxed Cake Mix cakes, I still made my own frosting. Sure it was just a simple buttercream frosting but I’ll tell you a secret: buttercream is perfect and easy. All you need is butter (non-dairy) powered sugar (organic to avoid bone char) and some kind of milk.

One day I’ll share my recipe for strawberry frosting, it is just as easy 🙂

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