Talking about friends who have a business and set their own prices!

Lots of people are starting their own businesses and that is a great thing!

I’m qualified to talk about this because I am a business owner and I also have friends who have businesses. I buy from them as much as I can, although that’s no where near as much as I want to.

So, let’s get to the title question!

No, I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking for a discount.


I mean, sometimes we need that product and your friend is selling it for more than it costs in the store. Sometimes 3 times more!

What’s wrong with asking your friend for a lower price?

Well, actually there are several factors that make this a faux pas:

  • The biggest reason that you shouldn’t ask for a discount is because many people have a problem with saying NO. Especially to a friend.
  • Another thing is that your friend has to make a profit. You don’t want to short change them.
  • And then there is the “You don’t ask Target for a discount.” argument. Which is actually false because millions of people use coupons.
  • And for some reason it comes off as disrespectful to ask someone you know personally if you can give them less money than they’re asking for.

As for my personal feelings, I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal for someone to ask for a discount. You know why?

Because the word NO exists for a reason. If someone asks for a lower price and you don’t want to do it, SAY NO. With a smile. Let it go.

They may buy it at full price.
Or they may not buy it at all.

Nothing as minor as this should break a friendship. If someone asking for a discount makes you feel weird in your friendship then your friendship may not be that strong.

But , that being said. It’s okay that we err on the side of just not asking for a discount. Because people do have a problem with saying no.

Also, though, if you really can’t afford a friends product at full price, you can let them know that it’s a little too much for you to pay.

You never know, they may offer you a discount out of the kindness of their heart 🙂

Hey. PS> Don’t be a jerk, okay? If they say no, don’t get mad, don’t talk about them. Just say okay and move on with your life.

One thought on “Is It Wrong To Ask a Friend For A Discount?

  1. I think asking for a discount depends on the product or service. folks negotiate all the time. I have a transportation company. If I tell you its 300$ from point a to point b, counter offering 245$ isn’t horrible, as long as you don’t get angry that I counter offer 285$

    Other businesses might not have that same kind of wiggle room.
    It also depends on the friendship


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