One thing that a plant-based eater such as myself craves from the dairy side of things is the flavor of protein powder.

Maybe that’s a little weird? Sometimes I just have a craving for it!

The chalky taste is so good to me sometimes LOL but I don’t drink them because I find dairy to be somewhat dehydrating.

But, I was in Whole Foods looking for a cold and cool looking drink. This looked to fit the bill!

Would I finally taste a satisfying vegan protein drink?

Well, no. I broke my first rule, actually. Because usually when trying something new, I try to go with the chocolate flavor.

This time I got the cake batter flavored one.

Calling it a mistake would probably be unfair.

Since this kola keto is friendly to keto diets, I may have been a little ignorant in choosing this because generally speaking, I know very little about ketogenic diets.

Anyway as far as taste, it wasn’t creamy, it wasn’t that sweet, and it didn’t taste anything like cake batter.

I’m okay with not trying the other flavors, too.

Whole Foods has so many drinks for sale- I’m going to go for an entirely different brand next time 🙂

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