Cool phrase. It one of those simple things that helps to put life into perspective.

Physically, we see it in plants all the time. I’ve learned, yes it does take more than just water to have a living plant but water is a foundational thing.

The same goes for people – when we drink water out body continues to thrive optimally. of course, it takes more than just water to make a body healthy (and/or clean) but water is a fundamental thing.

And then, we can water our thoughts and mind as well. That looks like when you figure out all the angles to something. or, you find out how to make it the best way possible. but, again, just thinking about something will not make it physically manifest. though, without a thought it has no way of coming true for you.

Since we can’t really water everything equally at the same time, it’s always good to narrow it down to what is most important to water.

If there is a choice to water something that will make you happy versus something that will make you sad – we would all make the happy choice.

Think of worry as watering a thought. If you worry too much, that’s the same as watering the wrong thing.

Instead, think about the things that bring joy and those will grow. Your happiness will grow. I promise.

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