For a person like me, shopping brings smiles and joy. What could better than getting a discount on the stuff you were going to buy anyway?

Nothing, that’s what!

In this weekend case, I’m talking about back to school shopping for my 8 year old. I got him a lot of new clothes and supplies. Thanks to the tax-free Virginia weekend!

Of course he was getting back to school stuff anyway but the tax free weekend reminded me that school is coming up. Buying him a haul of clothes so far in advance means that when I buy him some more clothes, he’ll already have a working wardrobe!

My goal is to have him have enough clothes that I can not do laundry for 2/3 weeks and he’ll be good (clean clothes wise). I didn’t reach that goal in entirety but we’re more than halfway there!!

Now, something about me is that I am not a brand name snob. I’m not paying $30 for a child’s pair of jeans!

As a matter of fact, not one single item of clothes I purchased was over $10. The tag may have suggested it would be more than that but once I got to the register, there was a markdown in the computer!

Y’all, he got a $4 pair of jeans! What could be better? They are Wrangler.

I also remembered the fall time… I didn’t get any long-sleeved shirts but he got a layered fleece jacket (marked down to $4!) And a hoodie for $5.99.

“Where?” You may ask.

I did a majority of shopping at Roses. 2 different Roses, actually.

Yes, Roses! The thing about them is that they do sell brand named clothes. For example, we got some sweatpants that were from the Children’s Place. The name had a line through it on the tag but it was still easy to read.

He also got a pair of shoes, too!

So, yes, we got a lot of clothing we also got some school supplies.

I buy a majority of my son’s stuff so when a friend told me about a school supply drive at a church, we didn’t hesitate to follow her there!

The children got book bags full of stuff and some vendors there gave them more supplies!

Of course we’ll probably have to get some more things but these school supply drives are a real blessing.

So that’s the end of this post!

One of the craziest parts is that adult clothes were tax free too and I didn’t get myself any new dresses! LOL It was all about my young one 🙂

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