I’ve always found discrepancies with the advice of Planning Ahead because it seems to be a slight conflict with the advice of “live in the moment.”

Well, which one is it?!

Living in the moment seems to advise that your focus, views, and goals will be on what’s going on right now.

Planning ahead are words for the future. It requires thinking about what you want to happen and projecting yourself there, at least momentarily.

The merge between these two things would be to spend some time planning ahead and then spending some time living in the moment.

Most tangible joy is found in the present moment. You can’t plan on being happy in the future if you’re bypassing your daily happiness for assumed happiness.

But if you don’t plan ahead for certain things then a lack of planning can cause unhappiness and stress in the future.

The bottom line? Pursue what’s going to make you happy now, and then also I’m the future.

Get those long term goals into tangible steps and be happy every time you climb up even just a little bit. That’s a source of joy you can depend on as long as you trust in your ability and drive to continue reaching out ahead of you.

Dreams and goals don’t have to be big like conquering the world and gathering all of the Stars.

Just conquering your life is just as good.

And gathering one Star.

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