Some people proudly state: “I don’t like beans!”

I wonder, why? And ALL beans? You’ve tried all beans and you dislike all of them?

More than likely, they have some childhood hang ups related to beans that they’ve been unable to let go of.

or, maybe they just don’t want to give it a chance.

Well, as your friendly plant-based advocate, I have to come to the defense of beans. They’re not bad at all. They’re actually one of the most versatile plants available.

There are many different types. But, in my house we’ve been eating lentil beans. So, here are some good things about this ordinary brown bean!

  1. They cook fast! – And when you soak them over night, they cook even faster.
  2. They are easy to season. – some complimentary flavors are smoked paprika, herbed garlic, Italian seasoning, soy sauce.
  3. They saute well, too! – This week, my favorite way to eat them are sauteed with some chopped onion. Of course, cook them in water first. Then drain them and add to some cooked onion. Let them get a little brown and they are go satisfying this way. Next time I have to cook for a skeptical bunch, this is going to be the go-to meal.
  4. Lentils also make good things like a lentil loaf! Lentil loaves are really delicious, especially when you add other low-moisture beans like garbanzo beans.

Lentils also come in a red lentil variety that cook to mush like split peas.

Sometimes fancy recipes will call for green lentils. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot find any in the store. Just use brown lentils and enjoy your meal!

Hopefully someone is inspired to give lentil beans a try 🙂

3 thoughts on “GOOD Things about lentil beans

      1. I read that if you soak them and rinse them 3 times, with two hour intervals that will completely end the gas problem. We haven’t tried that yet.


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