For some reason, Clean Eating is seen as a fad and it has some controversy attached to it. Let’s start by defining it:

Clean Eating is eating foods that have ingredients that are not overly processed or made in a laboratory. Natural- if you will.

There are several sub-sects to this: raw, no carbohydrates, oil-free, etc. But those extra dietary limitations turn a lot of people off and make clean eating into an eye-roll inducing “I’m so special, I don’t eat bread” kind of thing.

No offense if you don’t eat bread but having too many “I don’t eats” in your life makes you seem like a fussy eater and a food snob.

To me, Eating Clean means that you’re avoiding things that are not really food. For example, pre-packaged snack cakes. Sure, they say cake on the package but we all know that they are closer to be made in a lab than in a bakery. Shelf-stable cheese is also a synthetic food. There are lots of them! Many breakfast cereals are too, which is why they are fortified so heavily with vitamins and minerals to make them at least a little but “nutritious”.


Clean Eating shouldn’t turn anyone off, though. It’s actually a good idea, really. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Clean Eating means that your body is getting more vitamins and minerals at each meal.
    – Synthetic foods block mineral absorption in the body and the intestines.
  • Clean Eating also allows most of the vitamins and minerals to stay in your bones and organs.
    – Things like white sugar, and white flour actually remove a lot of the healthy things from your organs when it is bring processed through your body.
  • Eating Clean will save you money.
    – Every time you pass by a sale on Little Debbie or other shelf-stable snacks, that’s more money in your pocket.
  • You’ll learn how to cook, too!
    As you avoid frozen dinners, you’ll figure out how to make your own favorite meals.

The advantages that you have by trying a Clean diet:

  • You can customize how clean you want to eat. If you want to avoid meat but you still like cheese, you can do that.
  • There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of recipes online that you can follow to make your foods. You don’t have to figure out anything alone. Everything food related is literally on the internet. Now is the time to use your resources. Stop saying “I don’t know what to eat”. Just google one main vegetable ingredient and you can have a whole dinner dish planned out.

The bottom line: Stay out of food arguments! Have an idea of what kinds of foods that you want to avoid and then don’t stray from that list. Yes, it takes will power. But if you want to live a long time, consuming a diet high in synthetic foods and processed meat isn’t going to cut it. You can do it!

One thought on “What is Clean Eating?

  1. Thanks for this post. I agree, “Shelf-stable” cheese and similarly packaged items can hardly be real food, but so many get fooled. One thing I find helpful is to ask did my great grandma eat this? If not, then it’s likely not a fresh, whole food. Cheers, May @

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