Good gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and come from the heart!

Food lovers are the ones who enjoy food gifts, either by giving or receiving. Whichever end you’re on, here is how to make it the best food gift ever!

Now, first – a home-cooked meal, as a gift, should always be appreciated.
But that’s not what I’m really referring to. This article is more about the foods that come in a gift basket or a singular food that has a bow on it!

If you’re a recipient of a food gift, you have it easy! Here are three things you should keep in mind after you say “Thank you”:

  • Share it! – If you’re around others at a party and it’s appropriate, make the food gift a group experience and share it with others, too 🙂 If it’s a small amount of food, don’t feel obligated to share, though. Or if you know it’s one of your favorite foods then it’s fine to keep it to yourself. BUT if the food is something funky and unusual, why not let others get a unique experience too 🙂
  • Eat it! – Sometimes food gifts, like a decorative bottle of infused olive oil, can sit on the counter for months or even years! A less wasteful way to use this gift would be to eat it! Cook with it, taste it, make it an experience. Why not?
  • Like it! – Don’t lie, if you don’t enjoy the taste, don’t act like it’s the best thing ever. But find something about it that you enjoy and compliment that part. Especially if it’s a home-cooked meal, don’t be mean! Again, don’t lie but stay gracious. And if the gift is intended to be a gag “nasty food” gift, make sure the gift giver tastes some too to share the fun!

If you’re the giver of a food gift, here are some things to keep in mind to make it the best thing ever!

  • If you can only afford to give a singular item, make it pretty and put a bow on it!
  • If you have a bigger budget, make a gift bag or basket for them!
    Be sure to include: decorative napkins, hand sanitizer, pretty yet disposable serving utensils, crackers, cute seasonings…
    All of these accompaniments have one goal: make the gift basket a ready-made snack time! The only thing that may not be able to be included are drinks. Be sure to include something sweet and savory (breath mints are fine).
  • Don’t include foods that can be messy if they get hot (so no chocolate unless it’s winter time).
  • Do include unique food items. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to give someone their favorite food. But it can also be fun to give them something that they may not be familiar with. Or, something they may not have bought themselves.
  • If your giving homemade food gifts (for example cookies, canned jam or jelly, etc) make sure it is CLEARLY labeled with what it is and the ingredients included. You can include this in a handwritten card but it’s more helpful to put it right on the jar or packaging.

And… That’s about it! Have as much fun as you can! Giving gifts is really GOOD ENERGY when it comes from the heart (ie, something you really want to do as opposed to something you feel like you’re obligated to do.)

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