So, I am a country girl with plant-based tastes , living in a small town. We don’t get a lot of common vegan foods. While we got nutritional yeast a couple of years ago, we only just got dairy-free yogurt this summer!

Now, this wasn’t my first time eating Silk non-dairy yogurt. They’ve been around for over five years. But I don’t eat them often. Yesterday I bought some locally and it seems like a good opportunity to do a little review!

And this was my first time trying their almondmilk yogurt as well.

So, without further ado, I’ll start with my favorite:

Vanilla Almondmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt!

Yall. I opened it and my very first thought was “ARE THOSE VANILLA BEANS?!”

Indeed, they were vanilla beans!

This one is so smooth and creamy and it is also very satisfying to eat, This was a small cup but I felt not as hungry after eating it.

Vanilla yogurt gets a bad rep. My son will not eat Vanilla yogurt. But, when it’s made with Almondmilk it almost tastes dessert-y. I would chop up some strawberrys and mix it up in this one and I bet it’ll be delicious.

“Why not just eat the strawberry yogurt?” You may be wondering. Well…

It’s just not as good. Maybe it’s the soymilk in it but it was just “meh.”

Although, let me not be too hard on it because it was tasty as well.

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