As mentioned received in this vegan protein drink review, Sometimes I like the taste of protein but I don’t enjoy it much lately because of the whey and dairy that is usually used.

This new bar by Clif was on sale yesterday so I indulged and made the purchase.

Although it says “may contain milk” I didn’t see anything like that in the ingredients so I felt okay about it. Now, though, I have my doubts which I’ll mention a little later!

The taste of this Vanilla Almond bar is absolutely delicious. At first bite, it felt like I was eating a protein rich candy bar. It was layered, too. Like creamy and then crunchy.

I loved it.

And then I got a taste of the after taste. I loved that a little less.

I ate half and then I ate the other half as a late night snack.

The next day, I woke up and I felt like I ate a lot of dairy. Maybe I over looked the ingredients on this bar but I feel like I ate something that reacted in my body like a dairy product would.

To conclude: the taste was good, it was filling. But I don’t know if I’d eat another one.

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