At first glance, these two dietary terms may seem to be one and/or the same. It can seem like splitting hairs to try to separate the two of these things.

For people who are navigating the healthier side of life, learning the different methods that others use can make it easier to form your own healthy lifestyle journey.

In this article there are some easy definitions of both vegan and plant-based and things to keep in mind about both!

For starters, many people are against using labels to describe themselves. That’s fine, I’m in no way suggesting anyone to be a vegan if they don’t wan to be called that (I don’t even call myself a vegan!). But one good thing that labels do for us is make it easier to identify what you will or will not eat or do.

Food-based labels can become moot the more they are narrowed down. Vegetarian and Vegan and simple, easy to understand.

Years ago, someone could be vegan and it would be fine to assume that this is a person that doesn’t eat animals or animal products,

That should be fine, really. But vegans have a reputation that make others not want to be a vegan.

Also, veganism has changed as food trends have changed. New food creations, some using chemical agents, have been introduced into foods.

It is these new foods and snacks that make a distinction between plant-based and vegan, a vaild one to make.

Just because something is vegan does not mean that it is healthy. This fact is what will separate a vegan from a plant-based person.

If you want to go the long way to it, people will say they eat a “whole-food plant-based diet” That’ll mean that when a plant-based person plans their dinner, it’ll probably be made up of mostly vegetables and beans and other plants in the state closest to how they are when they’re grown.

A vegan, on the other hand, may eat Oreos for dinner because, technically Oreos are vegan.

And, they’re not wrong to do that. There are several reasons why people become vegan and health is not always the reason.

People vegan for the animals may not give a damn about the chemicals in vegan junk food.

“Junk-Food Vegan” is also a term. Maybe a topic for another day.

So, in short – plant-based eaters eat plants primarily. Even snacks that have plants as their top ingredient.

Some vegans may eat anything as long as it doesn’t contain animal products.

Personally I do think that it would be better if we didn’t have to identify ourselves so much by what we eat or what we don’t eat.

Maybe I just say that because I am a flexible eater.

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