There is strength in being able to feel satisfied and fulfilled with simple foods.

Complex and elaborate foods are fun to eat. Things like homemade ravioli do keep things interesting. But when you have to work and have other ways to spend your time, taking more then thirty minutes to prepare dinner just seems like a stretched out and exhausting idea.

So I have an appreciation for foods that are simple and satisfying.

There really is strength in being able to eat a simple meal and not feeling like it is incomplete.

And if you do them right, you’ll receive the nutrients that you need without needing to supplement with anything excess.

Rice and beans is a good example of that. Beans are full of nutrients on it’s own but being combined with rice brings something else out of them. Something good! Making use of proper seasoning also goes a long way.

But also, I think that you’ll be happier with a simple diet as well. Some people newly on a plant-based diet don’t feel satisfied because they’re used to having meat on their plates.

They will be stronger when they appreciate simple meals.

All vegans and plant-based eaters know that some days, especially when travelling, the only think you may have available to eat is a salad. If you can feel satisfied with only eating a salad then your overall success, and joy, on a healthy journey will be all good energy.

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