If you don’t like bananas, maybe you won’t like this one. There is real banana puree in it!

What about if you do like banana?

You may love this!

I did!

I don’t even know if love is a strong enough word. These breakfast biscuits are SO tasty.

The best thing about them? They’re vegan (no dairy, no eggs), they have interesting ingredients (banana puree, raisin paste, and they’re vitamin fortified).

There are 16 grams of sugar, which is unfortunate.

For me, I ate one and I was like, I want some more. There was a lovely little girl I was riding with and she traded me her soft baked Banana Bread for a real actual banana. If it was a healthy test, she would have won that one.

On the package it also says “4 hours of steady energy” which also seems like a stretch. But I had been awake about 24 hours when I consumed this so honestly, the only source of energy that would have helped would have been sleep! Even a coffee didn’t help, but that’s another story.

In this story, Belvita soft baked Banana Bread is a WINNER!

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