Yes, the name is correct. This dark chocolate bar is salty.

The official name is Red Sea Salt. It is 54% dark chocolate.

7-Eleven has lots of chocolates available nowadays. Most of them I cannot try because they contain milk and dairy.

So I was excited to see this one. And, I was even more happy because it has salt in the name.

As someone who enjoys salty foods, I really couldn’t imagine how salty this would be.

The ingredients say that it would be pink salt inside of it. That’s cool – and much better than regular table salt.

When I opened the bar, I thought that salt would be sprinkled on top. It was not.

I took a bite and that’s when I found the salt!

Large salt granules that crunched with every chocolate-y bite.

It was salty tasting, no doubt about it. Almost to the point that the salt flavor overshadowed anything sweet or chocolate.

I shared with a friend – she didn’t like it lol

I liked it, though. I mean, it was weird tasting. But I like salt so….

also, the word Red in it’s name was only there in name. This chocolate is not red (or it’s not red velvet either).

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