Well, okay. The the first question should be:
“Do you give good advice?”

If you give bad advice then maybe you shouldn’t take your own advice because then you end up in a worse situation than you’re currently in already.

But I think for the most part, people do give good advice when it comes to other people because being able to see things without being involved in a situation does render better advice.

Statistically speaking, in life, most people would be better off if they took their own advice and so it makes me wonder why is it so hard to take our own advice sometimes…

You know, when we know something would be better off one way… you know X, Y and Z…. but then we don’t do it…. We have those regretful feelings of:
“I should have listened to myself.”
“I knew something was going to happen.” or
“I knew better…”
You know what I mean 🙂

If you do give good advice and you’re able to see things clearly then it might be a little bit of self-sabotage at that point to not take your own advice because then it’s like : you know better so why not do better”

I’m speaking all of this from the perspective of somebody who considers myself to give good advice based on the things that I write on this here website!

Honestly, I do try to live by the things that I post here on this lovely website Easy Light Sources. Maybe not the food reviews but what I’m talking about are the other posts here.

Obviously or not, the content here is two tiered. There are food reviews because I love food! Food is a light source for me! But, there are also other posts here because when you’re in depression and anxiety, which are two conditions that prompted me to start this website in the first place, sometimes there are problems, fundamental problems and distorted thought processes and decision-making that effect the way that we view things so the quote unquote advice posts on this website are here to help people to be better to not live with depression and anxiety.

With all that being said, since I know how to absolve depression and anxiety, it would serve me the best to take my advice AND ALSO maybe take the advice of dear friends.

Also, I make it a point to only take advice from people who I look up to.

When considering taking advice from people, I look at their life and if their life is something that I would want in my life then yes, listen to them!

I think only a fool would take advice from somebody who is living a life that you would not want to live.
And while we’re on the subject let me just say that just because somebody is older than you does not mean that they give good advice, okay?

So. Do you take your own advice? This is a question for you!

For me, I’ll say yes I do take my own advice. More and more I am trusting my own intuition and trusting my own wisdom. I am much better off for it.

Maybe you’ll be better off too, if you take your own advice. Only if you make good decisions, though! If you make bad decisions, you know… maybe like step up your mental game a little bit so that you will can lead yourself to better circumstances.

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