Fast snacks are what convenience stores are best at!

Nuts are a go-to option for health conscious folks because they are usually a low fat options that don’t have many questionable ingredients.

That’s how I viewed these peanuts. I’ve seen them dozens of times in numerous 7-Eleven stores but today was the day I finally made the jump and tried these out.

They were okay, but that’s not good enough to say for a review.

More details include: yesss they’re spicy! And flavorful. It does fill the quota for a salty snack.

I’d say that they are also addicting because I ate them in under an hour.

For the price – 99 cents – they are good.

On the package they are referred to as “jumbo” peanuts and that is definitely accurate because they are bigger than average.

If you’re thinking about giving them a try, I say “Go for it!”

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