About a year ago, I mentioned how The Sun is the easiest Light Source. When I shared that post with someone, they told me to stop smoking weed SMH I don’t even smoke anymore lol

But, what I was saying before being rudely misunderstood – the Sun is the ultimate Light Source.

It seems so clear to me!

Obviously, there would be no light without the sun.

There would be no life without Sun Energy.

It’s so clear to me how important the Sun is.

Hopefully it is clear to you, too!

It’s okay if you don’t share my perspective, though. Just like that other guy thought I was high. What’s the point of being offended if someone doesnt agree with what you know to be true.

I find the Sun to be an infinite source of life, love, inspiration, and of course LIGHT.


Peace and infinite light sources to us all!

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