Like a nickname- calling yourself a role model doesnt really work like that.

A person is ever really a role model when their actions reflect a good way that the person behaves in a circumstance.

Don’t box it in with unrealistic expectations, either – No one is ever a role model in all aspects of their life. What you have to do is see where this person excels at and look up to them from that perspective. It comes naturally through observation.

And as a role model, don’t get too wrapped up in the title. You’re not going to be able to willingly stop being a role model unless you accept that that also means setting yourself up for failure.

Titles and idolization are concepts that should be negated all together.

When a person is idolized, they’re put into a box that may bring them pain when they leave that box. Not every one is susceptible to this, it really depends on how strong the idol is and how they, hopefully, have personal friendships that do not box them in.

Titles are not as intense. At best, they accurately mark what to expect from a person who also embraces the title.

At worse, a title is inaccurate to who that person is or insulting to who they are.

Maybe we shouldn’t give people labels or titles that they don’t agree to.

Back on topic –

It is okay for someone to call themself a role model after they’ve:

  • Lived that life for a significant amount of time.
  • Received testimonials that reflect that side of life.

It’s easy for society to worship people who they admire.
The ego in people will bask in the worshipping. Sometimes there are gifts and benefits that come with such type of uplifting.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to indulge in that part of social life.

I think if people looked to themselves as their own role models, the energy of their life and behavior would be much lighter.

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