After typing the title, I realized that animals only receive a rare mention here.

True, we are a plant-based website. And food doesn’t mix well with animals. If you find out someone lets their family pet on the counter, the idea of eating food prepared by that person is anti-appetizing.

Pets are a Light Source, though. There’s really zero doubt about it. Therapy animals are a thing.

Dogs can be very sweet animals. So can cats.

Animals provide affection that is more free than what humans can give.

Animals are funny too. My friend and I were talking today about how kittens are funny if you just sit and watch them.

Also today, I was contemplating my son’s cat, Blackness. He is a male kitten who will be reaching maturity soon. We’re wondering if we should have him neutered to prevent the alpha male from pushing him away.

Our cats are outside cats but they’re also quite domesticated. They purr when they’re held. They let you pet them endlessly. A cat lovers dream.

The fact that they don’t come to just anybody makes it even more special when they come to you.

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