A requirement that makes a [noun] an Easy Light Source is that it is something that can be enjoyed.

Ideally, it’ll heal you and make you feel good about your life! Or, at least make you feel good in the moment.

Video games do that for millions of people every day!

Sure, some games can be frustratingly hard but thats not standard to every game.

I’d say a majority of video games are fun and easy to enjoy.

In my biased opinion, anyone who doesn’t like video games hasn’t found the game that was made for them.

Sandbox games can lead to all kinds of freedom that will result in hours of gameplay. That has it’s ups and downsides because in most instances, there usually is something more productive to do than play a video game for endless hours.

It’s cool if you can get paid for it but if you are not being paid to play then playtime should be limited if your life requires you to work to earn some money.

My goal is not to pass judgment on anyone. Because I, too, enjoy playing video games. I would play for hours on end if I could. But the way my responsibilities are set up, that’s not really an option.

But, I do make time to play a little, with my son sometimes. or maybe something simple on my phone.

Because, video games are also part of my self-care. I enjoy it. It allows me to relax. and, I feel pretty nice when I reach a new high score or whatever.

Not to mention the bonding activity that comes when me and my son play games together 🙂

So. Yes. Easy Light Sources is pro-gamer too! Actually, we are pro-a lot of stuff! Stay tuned for more in the future!

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