Hey Guys! I came up with an acronym that entails 4 things that will make absolutely anyone healthier in their mind, body, and spirit. Here it is:

F.O.U.R Stands for Fiber, Open-minded, Understand, and Rest.

First: FIBER! Eating enough fiber does every body good.

  • For your mind, Eating fiber is a literal translation to releasing old stuff and old energy from your life.
  • For your body, Eating Fiber helps to sweep away old waste particles. That results in making it easier for your body to absorb the new vitamins and minerals you are (hopefully) consuming daily.
  • For your spirit, Eating Fiber will make you lighter.

Be OPEN-MINDED! Try new ways to do things.

  • For your mind, being open-minded allows your mind the freedom to adopt a new way to view things.
  • For your body, being open-minded about the foods you eat make it possible to find new favorite foods.
  • For your spirit, being open-minded allows you the freedom to try new meditation techniques that have the possibility to bring you better peace of mind.

UNDERSTAND where you come from so that you can make lasting change to any bad habits that you have.

  • For your mind, understanding where your behavior patterns stem from so that you are not lost in your own mind.
  • For your body, understand what foods do what to your body so that you can make the best choices for your health and wellness.
  • For your spirit, understand that you have a spiritual system within yourself. Your inner voice will never lie to you but only if you are healthy and of a sound mind.

Lastly, REST! Resting is important!!

  • For your mind, getting proper amounts of rest allows mental clarity to be in abundance.
  • For your body, rest allows your body to repair and heal itself so that it will be able to serve you well long-term.
  • For your spirit, resting from anything that requires an output of energy will literally allow you to feel a great amount of peace.

Do these F.O.U.R Things and I promise you, you will be healthier than you are now 🙂

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