If you buy some healthy snack bars for 25 cents, you can bet that they will be expiring within a month of the purchase!

That’s a big deterrent from anyone who has a tendency to be a snack hoarder.

I found these foods at Ollie’s and Big Lots with the initial idea that these would be school lunch snacks for my favorite child on the planet. He starts school in less than a week! But will these discount snacks still be fresh by then?

While we’re on the topic of school lunch, I have a complaint about lunch boxes. In my day you could buy a lunch box with a drink thermos included. Now it looks like they don’t sell them like that?

Last year we got into the horribly harmful habit of putting a new drink bottle in his lunch. This year I want to be kinder to the Earth and use a reusable juice container similar to how we use a reusable water container.

It’s still possible, no doubt. But I still notice that this is not a convenient. Maybe I’m old.

Anyway, if any of these discount snacks are particularly remarkable, I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

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