It’s that time of the year again! It’s the school year for 2019-2020!

Like most people, you probably want everyone to stay as healthy as possible for the foreseeable future! Healthy doesn’t just mean eating vegetables. With this handy acronym I created, these H.E.A.L.T.H.Y T.I.P.S will take care of your physical health as well as mental peace and having a healthy bond with your child 🙂

Me and Legendary Khalifah are looking forward to having a fantastic and healthy school year. With these tips, it’s sure to be the best ever! I hope you agree!

H – HAND SANITIZER in every bookbag, lunch box, and especially used when you get home from school.

E – EAT VEGETABLES EVERY DAY to keep your body well supplied with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

A – ALWAYS READ TOGETHER no matter how big or small a person is, reading together is a peaceful bonding activity. You can even read the cereal box if that’s all you have time for. But – Make the time! It is worth it and pays off in numerous ways.

L – LOSE DISTRACTIONS when reading, talking about the school day and doing homework. Eye contact lets your child know that you actually care about what they have going on.

T – TWO ACTIVITIES that don’t directly have anything to do with school work will encourage your child to be a well-rounded individual.

H – HAVE VITAMINS AND HERBS every day or at least every other day. That helps the body stay optimal. Children are more likely to be open minded to taking herbs when they see their parents taking them too 😉

Y – YOUTH is a privilege! Stay young at heart by being involved with your child’s activities.

T – THOUGHTS become things so only speak positive energy into your child’s experiences. Bad things happen but always help them to see the bright side.

I – INVOLVE yourself with what is going on. If there is a situation that occurs at the school that you have questions about, make no hesitation to get involved and make sure your child is being treated fairly. However, most school officials have your child’s best interest at heart so approach as a friend rather than foe. Unless you need to do otherwise.

P – PRAY with your child in the morning and in the night. Tell the God in the Universe you expect positive energy and experiences to surround your entire family. And don’t forget to always give thanks for all the blessings that you have every single day

S – SLEEP is very important for the child and the parent. Get enough rest! Your child will have better school days when they have the benefit of clarity of mind. Also, parents, try to wake up at least 30 minutes before your child so that you can be centered as well.

Aaaand that’s all the tips! Peace and love to all of us this upcoming school year!

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