So this is mostly a taste review for this Califia Farms vegan yogurt drink. I was in the midst of spending too much on vegan yogurt and then I saw this on sale for $1.99 at Kroger!

So I put most of the others away and grabbed this. I was only getting snacks for a 2 days so I didn’t want to be eating too much yogurt. This drink is a nice alternative.

Now, being a probiotic drink, it wouldn’t be incorrect to compare this to Keifer. After all, there are 10 billion live cultures per serving (3 servings per bottle)

I really can’t speak to the supposed health benefits of active live cultures. All I know is that it helps with your digestion. It is my understanding that a person would need to consume such things over a meaningful length of time for there to be a change in your gut health.

Here, I’ll just remark on the taste.

Mango puree is the second ingredient after Almond Milk and yes, I can taste the mango. Simply said, this is a tasty drink.

It is smooth and creamy. Not too sweet but just sweet enough to be satisfying. It’s even pretty filling too. None of the ingredients are too weird either.

Now the question is, would I buy this again?

If it was just a taste thing then I definitely would because I really enjoyed it.

But it’s more than just non-dairy yogurt in this drink. The 10 billion active cultures do make me wonder what they’re doing in my body. Are they even able to survive the stomach acid situation? Who knows!

What I do know is that for $1.99 this is a good deal. Full price is $3.99 and that’s not too bad either (if you don’t have to share).

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