Have you heard of Decision Fatigue? That’s when you make a lot of decisions during the day and you begin to feel exhausted because of it. In those moments, someone else coming up with a good idea can be a huge relief.

Sometimes adults can be quick to shut down an idea because it comes from someone younger than them. But, speaking from experience, children can have great ideas about action or how to view something.

This summer I’ve been hanging out with my son a lot. We’ve had a lot of ups and some downs! But when I’m tired, my son has come thru for me in several ways. I don’t lean on him as a source of strength but he comes through for me in that way sometimes just by being himself and telling me what he thinks.

Children have a pretty fresh perspective when it comes to many things. They just don’t have the pile of experiences that grown-ups do. Because of this, their ideas may have a simplicity to them that is refreshing in a way.

Of course, adults have to use their discretion because of the wisdom we’ve hopefully gained.

There can be peace in saying Yes to an idea that your child has and then just going with it. It can lead to swift progress and way, way less Decision Fatigue:)

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