Oatmilk vegan yogurt? Well, okay then. That’s another non-dairy milk alternative that people want to have fun with. That’s cool. The more plant-based alternatives available mean that more of us will be more healthy in life.

Taste is also equally important.

While I enjoy most non-dairy yogurts that I’ve tried, I’m going to review this one as a stand alone without any comparisons.

Well, I was excited to try this. But when I opened the container, it was obvious to me that this was not going to be a creamy yogurt.

The texture is… well…. I struggle to find the best way to describe it. Slimey seems to be a mean way to talk about it. Have a look:

It would be fair to call it runny. It’s a runny yogurt.

The texture is not my favorite. But what about the flavor?

I chose the vanilla yogurt and I wish I had gotten another flavor. This didn’t taste like vanilla at all. And it didn’t taste sweet at all either.

I added some honey to make it taste better and I still did not eat this entire container.

Overall, I’m disappointed in this. I wonder if this is just a bad recipe or if Oatmilk is just not good for making non-dairy yogurt.

Technically speaking, oatmilk may be the most environmentally friendly type of milk commercially available. That’s because oats do not take much water to grow ( as opposed to an almond tree, for example.) For that reason, I’m open to giving another flavor a try. But not vanilla, no thanks!

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