So, Sahale Snacks has another new flavor of trail mix?! They are definitely staying on top of the game and I am here for it 100%!

My Aunt Norris came through with these for me. Whenever we visit her, she insists that we take some snacks with us when we go. And who could turn down snacks?!

When I saw these in her snack bowl, I had to grab it. I had to have it! Banana Rum flavor? Oh yes.

But, as we know, the name on a food doesn’t always measure up to the flavor of the food. I was super optimistic though. Caramelized bananas are super delicious. I just assumed that these would be just as good.

Was my assumption correct?

Legendary Khalifah and I enjoyed these as a reward after completing a 5 mile bike ride. And, what a reward they were! I don’t normally say this but these were 100% delicious.


I noticed Sahale Snacks started using bigger packages for their snacks and I hope they put these into the bigger containers too.

I loved every bite of this. The flavors were on point. It had 2 kinds of bananas that did catch me off guard. One was standard banana chips and the other were dried yet chewy bananas. As well as pecans and cashews.

I’m telling you, these are one of their best flavors yet and they have SO many good flavors.

Nice job, Sahale Snacks. I didn’t consider myself a trail mix kind of lady until I had these tasty kinds. I’ll recommend them to anyone, including you reading this!

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