Stress is just one of those parts of life that we all have to deal with. There’s a vast number of potential sources of stress. Some say that stress is a good thing because it keeps us sharp. Others say that we should aim to be stress-free in all areas of our lives.

I say, a stress-free life should be aimed for but as long as you give a damn about anything on the Earth, you will probably experience some stress whether you want to or not.

When talking about stress and stress relief topics, I find it necessary to determine what kind of stress we’re talking about.

Worrying about something that you have no control over is a huge NO. That’s easier said than done when you’re thinking about topics such as a burning rainforest (don’t get me started…). But, sometimes you have no control over something that has already happened. In that case, try to let it go. However, if the repercussions are something that you are still living with then that is on going.

As much as we try to move away from worrying or stressful situations, sometimes the factors of our personal lives just force us to deal with it anyway. Unfortunately.

Another example of this for the younger ones amongst us would be the stress of doing well in school. That’s just an ongoing thing that you’re faced with whenever you go to school.

The real stress relief comes when you are away from the reminders of your stressful life. When you’re in your personal space and you are free to do something else.

This is where we talk about STRESS RELIEF FOR EVERYONE.

It’s about having something ongoing and possibly routine that you can see progress with as you put energy into it.

Some may call these activities hobbies.

As long as you have something that you can do for fun, this can count as something that will relieve stress for you. It’s that simple.

A note here, I’d say that movies and television shows do not count toward this. It really should be something that you can actively do with your hands or perhaps problem solving.

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