So, this one is an old favorite! Every time I got into 7-Eleven looking for a nutty snack and have $1.99 to spare, this is the one that I grab.

The flavor here is sea salt and cracked pepper but if you’re looking for something hot and spicy, this is not that! However, what this is is a flavorful 1oz package of nuts.

The seasonings are powdered on heavily. And when I say heavily, I mean that there is no lack of flavor here! At the same time, the flavor of macadamia nuts still comes though clearly. Over all, it’s a perfect balance of flavor.

I guess this review is pretty short today. This is one of my favorite snacks at 7-Eleven and probably one of the healthier options too. It is definitely recommended to anyone who wants a salty snack that tastes good. If you can, probably get two packages. Sometimes one is just not enough 🙂

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