A few months ago, there was a post that referenced a persons ability to hold a charge as it relates to attaining personal freedom in this thing called life.

Another way to talk about that would be to say, “How strong is your will?”

Others can and will have definitions for Will. My understanding is that a person with a strong Will is able to hold on to a thought, mission or purpose for a prolonged period of time.

Nothing productive happens without having a strong will. Everything that we really want to accomplish in life only comes about when we have the Will to put strong energy into it.

If you have a weak will, you can probably look around you and see that a lot of your ideas and projects haven’t gone anywhere. Hobbies you see have making yourself money have probably not made much money, for example.

We all have things that didn’t work out how we wanted it to. After all, there are limited amounts of energy that you can put into things in a day. Sometimes there is just not enough time to do a million things. Or even 10 things.

For the strongest Will, you can focus on one thing. That doesn’t mean one project at a time. I mean one trait at a time.

So you can say, I want to create pretty things. If you put your Will and determination into making things look nice around you then you will can manifest in various ways.

It’s easier to have an over-arching will because that gives more opportunities then one specific thing.

Creating pretty things means that your food can now be made pretty with the addition of a garnish. Your clothing is likely to look nicer. Your living space may be cleaner.

Another more general example is when people put their Will into having more positive energy into their lives. If they’re serious about it, their daily interactions will be more positive, no matter what it is.

It seems to me that I am suggesting that character traits make better manifestations of a strong Will than actual, physical goals.

That’s not necessarily what I’m trying to say.

Maybe bringing more positive traits into your daily life are more universally beneficial than one specific thing.

However, having a strong Will toward one specific goal is 100% necessary toward meaningful accomplishments. I mean, how can anything get done if you don’t put the energy into it.

For the strongest Will, patience has to be a part of it. A big part really.

Things take time to manifest. Sometimes, a lot of time. Sometimes years. Sometimes, things will happen quickly too.

You really can’t measure how long things take so if you’re able to hold onto your goals for a long time, it will serve you in the long run. At times, it really will come down to you working on your dreams a little bit every day. The sustained effort makes you stronger.

We talk about wanting success in our lives and honestly, it does sound a little flowery to talk about “The Secret” and manifestations and all that jazz.

But, your WILL POWER is called power for a reason.

And I’ll be honest, when you have a scattered brain and thoughts, you are a weak person. If your Will Power is unable to hold on to a single thought then how do you expect it to grow into something tangible. It can’t grow at all.

A good Will Power exercise is to hold on to a single thought for 90 seconds. Holding onto something that long makes it stronger.

So make sure you’re holding onto something that you want to be strong. LOL. Don’t think about something that you don’t like.

Let’s put our Will Power into something that we want to be a strong force in our lives. Let’s see what changes occur or shift after that.

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