Juice lovers can rejoice over the big juices that 7-Eleven have for sale for about $1. The flavors come in mango, watermelon, fruit punch, guava, orange pineapple, and sweet teas.

Amongst those juices you will also find their 7-Select Herbal Tonic Energy Juices.

I tried one yesterday. But before I tell you how I liked it, let me tell you about my health this week so you can appreciate my experience just a little bit more.

2 things started this week – school for my son and my womanly cycle.

I won’t go into details on either other than to say that they are both routine and nothing exciting happened.

However, I’ve been really, really tired because of the combination, I suppose.

Yesterday, I had a nagging headache that carried on to today. Advil didn’t help and neither did a nap. I just resigned myself to the fact that I might just be headache-y for a while.

There were errands to take care of and what not so I went about my daily business, which included a stop at 7-Eleven for drinks. The juices I mentioned in the top of this article were the focus but I also picked up some of the BOGO waters that is also an amazing deal.

When I went to look at the juices, I saw this Energy Herbal Tonic near the bottom. At this point in time I am actively avoiding coffee and energy drinks so I was excited about this lightly caffeinated juice. There is about 20mg of caffeine and also Ginseng.

So, how was it? It was delicious and refreshing, of course! I don’t drink a lot of juice but I do appreciate these juices that 7-Eleven offers. This one tastes like a mango punch.

What I experienced after consuming it was my favorite part!

After drinking, my headache went away! And, I stopped feeling so tired!

That’s not to say that there are pain killers in this beverage. It’s just that the herbal combination in this drink had to have been exactly what I needed to make my head throbbing go away.

As a matter of fact, I felt pretty amazing after drinking this. Not to mention the positive experience I had with the rest of my errands afterward!

So, yes, I highly recommend this 7-Select Energy Herbal Tonic! Thanks 7-Eleven for continuing to provide my every snack need. 😉

For a smaller dose of quick energy, check out the review below of Sunshine Good Energy drinks (also found at 7-Eleven!):

The blueberry lemonade flavor is #1 !

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