Remember Vitamin Water? This is like that!

I used to drink Vitamin Water after a night of too much drinking.

Anyway, these Clear American drinks are full of vitamins and low on sugar… that’s two plus signs for me!

We’re going to go over the taste and how it made me feel.

First, the feeling! I did feel pretty refreshed after drinking this. 80% of what I drink is water so when I drink something else, I feel pretty differently almost immediately.

After drinking this, I still felt good. I enjoy the 2grams of sugar these drinks have.

I had 2 flavors to try and one was more refreshing than the other.

The coconut drink was my favorite! It was pleasantly sweet and had coconut water as the second ingredient. I’ll definitely buy this again, it’s so good – especially when it’s icy cold.

The Blueberry Passionfruit Flavor was less refreshing and I think that is because of the addition of citric acid.

Both of these beverages have a full range of added vitamins like B6 & B12. They also have real fruit juice.

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