New experiences are good for everyone, regardless of age! But for children, there are some significant benefits that come with saying “yes” to their requests:

These are the reasons why I encourage my son, Legendary, to try new things, especially when he requests them:

  1. You could discover a new talent that he is naturally good at.
  2. Saying yes is a form of encouragement.
  3. Trying new things when you’re young helps to foster fearlessness when you’re older.
  4. New experiences help a person open their mind.
  5. New activities offer an opportunity to solve new problems.
  6. New activities are a chance to discover something fun and entertaining.
  7. As a parent or guardian, you will also gain an opportunity to try something fun and enjoyable.
  8. Learning something new as a child gives them something to return back to as a adult.
  9. And, learning new skills is ALWAYS a good thing!

Of course, some things are hard to say yes to if they require money or an environment that you’re unable to provide. That makes it even more important to say yes to the opportunities that fall into your lap.

Also, if someone comes along that wants to teach your child something new, let them! Even if it’s just one lesson, it may spark something that otherwise would have stayed cold.

The value of opportunities are priceless. Take advantage of them whenever possible!

If you have any other ideas on this topic, leave a comment for us below! Thanks for reading, happy Sunday! 🙂

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