It appears that this snack bar expired in 2016:

Cinnamon Pecan Bar

Yes I ate a old food bar.

In my defense, I didn’t realize it was expired when I bought it. I also didn’t realize it had milk in it. That’s what I get for not reading the ingredients!

The reason I ate this was because of the brand name. Sahale Snacks has a great reputation with Easy Light Sources. They make great snacks! Trail mix, though. I thought this snack bar as a new snack they were bringing out. Instead it appears to be an old snack that they put away.

How did it taste? Well, it didn’t taste expired. I didn’t eat the whole thing but what I ate was a hard-ish, nutty bar. Kind of sweet, definitely cinnamon too.

Sahale Snacks makes good snacks!

Obviously I wouldn’t buy this again.

As a matter of fact,  no one will be buying this bar because they’re no longer being made. A look around Sahale Snacks website shows that these are no where to be found.

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