This was during Lego Club at the public library in December 2018!

So, we’ll establish the setting first because it is important:

The local library has weekly programs after school (once a week) that most children don’t attend. Usually, Lego Club has less than five children. Bigger events, like pumpkin decorating, do have a bigger turn out, though.

It was the last Wednesday before Christmas in December 2018. I was taking my son, Legendary, to the Lego Club because they were doing a special Lego Ornament that they can take home! It sounded like fun! We even pre-registered.

As we pull up to the library, I happened to receive an important phone call that I had been waiting on all day. It was one of those “pen and paper, take notes” phone calls (although now I do question how important it was since I don’t even remember the details).

Anyway, so I’m walking in with Legendary Khalifah, thinking that I can get him to the children’s area and then go to another part of the library to have this phone conversation.

If only it were that simple!

We walk into the children’s area and – no lie – there are forty people in there making ornaments!

I was so caught off guard and lost in a way. There wasn’t an open chair for my son to sit down anywhere. It was loud, the librarian was walking around helping people and I’m still on the phone! In my head, I’m like WTF!

And so me and Legendary are looking for a chair and then I hear someone say:

Okay. I. Am. Done.”
(It’s a child. Maybe 10 years old. He stands up.)
“Now,” he says, “Does anyone need help?”

I look at Legendary Khalifah and I say, “He needs help”

The 10 year old nods and points to a miraculously open chair. Legendary goes to sit down.

I say, ” Thank you.” and I’m going to walk away. And then I see the boy nod at me and he’s still facing me. And then I see that he has his arms out.

He’s not reaching out to give me a hug…No… His arms are bent close to his body. I look at his face and his face says to me:

Come get this hug.

I’m like, what? and then you know what I do? I bend and give him a hug!

I told my friend about it later and she said “aww, he’s a hugger!” I told her maybe he was a Christmas angel.

Small gestures mean a lot to me but this one really caught me off guard. And you know what, I did feel better after meeting him as he did help my son get into the ornament making session.

My family and I don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas but I do feel that this time of the year can bring people together.

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