The short answer: Some of these herbs are coming from across the world. Also take into account the potentially limited growing season, the time it takes to curate the herb and any legal limitations that may be attached to moving the herb from one place to another.

The short answer to the title question is the long answer.

  1. Travelling long distances automatically takes a long time. Patience is required. Especially if you know that you’re ask for something that doesn’t grow natively around you.
  2. Limited growing seasons mean that quantities will be limited pretty much all of the time. After the growing season would be the best time to order because that would give the first harvest time to curate.
  3. Of course, we’re talking about legal substances here. In the mail, sometimes liquids have different rules. Or, sometimes, the packaging takes more consideration than the actual order.

Other than those reasons above, sometimes things just take a while to get into your hands.

On the surface, it would be simple to obtain a special order. Just make a phone call and order it and wait for shipment, right? Wrong!

Sure, you can make that initial phone call but there is no telling if the person on the other end has your herbs ready to sell. Sometimes, they haven’t had any for a while and they have to make another phone call to try to find it.

That type of phone call tag can go on indefinitely. Or, 18 months later, the person may call you back saying:

“Were you still interested in the Chaparral herb powder?”

When you get that call, you better have your money ready to go immediately. As long as it took to come to you, the connection may be super shaky.

What you absolutely shouldn’t do is wait a long time for one connection to come through. You never know what that business person has going on. They may forget to inquire on your behalf. Or, their own connections may just not be connected. It’s cool to have faith in one person for all your needs but don’t forget that there are millions of people on this planet. There is a chance that someone else may have what you need.

Now, Does this justify a higher cost?

In my view, no it does not. Supply and demand is a thing that business practices believe in. But my feelings is that it is unfair to charge more money due to the fact that the buyer has limited options.

Shipping herbal supplements fro across the world can cost more because international shipping is expensive. And these exotic herbs can take costly supplies when it comes to growing them. All of that is reasonable.

But, if a seller is making over $60 in profit off of you, that is taking a huge advantage of the limited availability!

However, as a buyer, you have to ask yourself how much is the herb worth it to you. If you’re trying to cure an ailment within you, perhaps no cost is too high. I’m willing to bet that if you’ve been waiting 18 months for something, you won’t balk at over paying. Negotiating a deal can also be annoying. Like I mentioned, having your money ready to go will benefit you as you move forward. If anything, view the waiting time as a blessing to be used to save more money to be able to buy what you want without putting your bills at risk.

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