Using an immediately recognizable flavor name is basically telling people what to expect with your snack. That can be a really good thing!

But if the flavor name doesn’t add up to the actual flavor then that’s not so good.

I usually love Sahale Snacks – including this one. I do have to say tha the flavor wasn’t strong enough for my personal taste, though.

Sahale Snacks!

Being that these have macadamia nuts, cashews, and mango pieces – of course I will choose them again and again! All of those things are amazing. With 13 grams of sugar, I did expect them to have a fuller flavor profile.

As a video implies, the flavor punch is pretty docile. They’d be improved with just more tangerine vanilla flavor!

The best part? The squares of mango pieces that are chewy and tasty as all get out. I’d eat a whole container of those just like that 🙂

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