Inexpensive and fall flavored items get (almost) automatically added to my shopping cart! This post covers the taste of this Apple Cranberry tea as well as the controversy associated with tea in general.

But first, the flavor! The ingredient list is simple: black tea with apple and cranberry flavor.

How deep was the flavor? Not very deep at all. I suppose I’m used to teas with real fruit pieces like this one. But this doesn’t knock your socks off.

It is tasty, though. For a full flavor it’s probably a good idea to use several tea bags at one time.

This tea also pairs well with honey. Sweetener really helps to bring out the flavor.

Would I buy this again? Absolutely!

Now, what about that tea controversy? Well it turns out tea may not be the most pure thing in the supermarket.

  • Popular brands and smaller brands have tested positive for pesticide residues.
  • They also say that teas have not been washed thoroughly.
  • The bags used for tea bags are also produced with a chemical agent that we probably wouldn’t want to ingest straight up.
  • And lastly, the plastic waste that accompanies some individually wrapped tea bags are not cool at all.

What does this all mean?

1. We shouldn’t be surprised that anything mass produced can possibly contain chemicals.

2. Tea is tasty even with the chemicals.

My personal feelings is that if it’s really that bad then we would likely taste the impurities in it. But as it stands, blueberry aloe tea just tastes like blueberry and aloe! Thankfully!

(Unlike dirt cheap coffee that tastes like there is literal dirt mixed in.)

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